Following are the first four articles of the society's constitution

Adopted by the Society of the Chagres at its meeting held at the Strangers' Club, Colon, Republic of Panama, October 7, 1911.

ARTICLE 1. The name of this Society shall be "THE SOCIETY OF THE CHAGRES."

ART. 2. The objects of the Society shall be to hold an annual reunion of the members, and to publish annually a roster of their names and current addresses; to keep alive the pleasant associations and memories connected with the work in which they have each spent six or more years of their lives; and to promote their common interests by such other means as may appear desirable from year to year.

ART. 3. Membership in the Society shall be limited to white employees of the Isthmian Canal Commission or of the Panama Railroad Company of good character, who have earned the Roosevelt Canal Medal and two bars prior to the official opening of the Canal.

ART. 4. The Society shall hold its regular annual meeting on the night of the third Saturday in January. Special meetings may be called by the President, if necessity therefor should arise. Meetings shall be held on the Isthmus of Panama until the year 1915, and thereafter, either on the Isthmus or in any city of the United States as the Society shall determine from year to year.

Roll of Charter Members of "The Society of the Chagres".



Anderson, Henry
Angel, J. C.
Armiger, Geo.
Ashton, W. F.
Atterbury, Thos. C.
Austin, Charles B.
Avery, James A.

Barte, George A.
Baxter, John K.
Beckel, W. 0.
Bedell, William H.
Belt, Josiah
Benninger, Sherman A.
Berger, Albert
Bergin, Ralph W.
Beverley, E. P.
Bodette, William
Booth, Rufus K.
Bottenfield, F. M. D.
Bovay, Harry E.
Bradberry, Randall, T.
Brewer, W. T.
Burke, John,
Bushnell, H. H.

Caldwell, B. W.
Cantwell, Matthew D.
Cappers, W. F.
Carpenter, Marcy H.
Carroll, Lon N.
Chester, W. C.
Clark, T. H.
Cleary, J. W.
Clement, Charles C.
Close, Joseph A.
Colip, E. H.
Connolly, M. B.
Connors, Neil
Constantine, John
Cooke, Thomas M.
Cornish, Frank L.
Cornwell, Albert E.
Corrigan, Joseph A.
Cotton, Arthur E.
Crafts, Charles P.

Davidson, Silas
Davis, John R.
Dewling, Andrew W.
Dillon, V. C.
Donahue, Daniel F.
Douglas, Gavin
Duckworth, J. T.
Duey, C. W.
Dunning, W. E.

Eason, John J.
Edholm, Karl,
Ellerbe, J. C.
Emery, Walter
Englander, Max
Ergenzinger, Wm. G.

Fairbanks, Helen G.
Farish, H. S.
Farmer, Alfred G.
Faure, Ad.
Feld, Fred'k A.
Ferber, Louise A.
Ferebee, F. B.
Finley, Lee L.
Floyd, Frank
Forman, J. C.
Frost, Julia M.

Garrison, Edgar S.
Geddes, C. R.
Gibson, John K.
Gilbert, William
Gilkey, Lloyd L.
Gilmore, C. E.
Goldsmith, E. J.
Gorgas, William C.
Gorham, George H.
Greeley, H. L.
Green, W. H.
Greene, Frank E.
Griggs, Albert C.
Grissom, J. T.
Guderian, Frederick
Gudger, H. A.

Hackenberg, Austin L.
Halloran, George B.
Harrod, Ernest E.
Harvey, R. J.
Henry, William D.
Holden, George
Holliday, Mary
Hostetter, H. O.
Houston, J. F.
Hubbard, E. L.
Humphreys, James T.
Hunt, J. St. C.
Hunter. C. D.
Huntoon, Robert J.

Jackson, J. J.
Jenkins, Ben
Jussen, A. S.

Kallish, B. A.
Keeling, E. A.
Kendall, Charles E.
Kiernan, J. C.
Kyte, J. P.

La Rock,John
Larson, Leander
Laughlin, R E.
Loulan, Frank
Lucchesi, A. P.
Lundishef, Alex. A.
Lupfer, C. M.

MacCormack, D. W.
Mackereth Adelaide P
Mansfield, Henry C.
Martin, William A.
Mattimore, H. B.
Maxon, William E.
McDonald, D. E.
Mcllv@,ine, C. A.
Mealer, Charles L.
Meech, Marietta L.
Meehan, J. J.
Middleton, N. B.
Morris, Robert K.
Mullin, John W.
Murphy, Robert E.

Nelson, Clyde A.
Nichols, A. B.
Ninas, George A.
Noland, Lloyd,
Nunn, Numa

Otis, Harry W.
Owens, Charles T.
Owens, John

Palmer, E. W.
Parker, Chas. L.
Patterson, A. C.
Patterson, W. 0.
Pender, W. I.
Perry, J. C.
Perry, Wilbur S.
Phillips, John L.
Pierce, Claude C.
Potter, Russell B.
Potts, Frederick A.

Reid, Howard M.
Reidy, J. J.
Robinson, A. L.
Rowe, Hartley
Ruggles, George H.
Russell, Genevieve

Sands, R. M.
Sawtelle, II. W.
Sessions, A. C.
Shady, Raymond C.
Shipley, Wm. F.
Simmons, Clinton 0.
Sims, Eli,
Sinclair, Joseph M.
Sine, Elwood P.
Sisson, Benjamin F.
Smith, Drew E.
Smith, Jay M.
Smith, John H., Jr.
Sonneman, Otto F.
Start, Arthur E.
St. Clair, Dan.
Stephens, Walter E
Stevens, Fletcher
Stewart. F. F.
Storm, W. H.
Strong, George W.
Swanson, F. G.

Talty, John W.
Tenny, M. W.
Thompson, F. Y.
Thompson, W. L.
Tipton, George W.
Tobin, Edwin
Tucker, James E.
Turner, Anna R.
Tysinger, J. D.

Vance, DeWitt C.
Van Zant, C. L.

Walker, Clement
Wardlaw, R. H.
Warner, A. M.
Warren, H. P.
Warren, J. C.
Weems, M. A.
Whitaker, C. L.
White, S. M.
White, Walter J.
Whitney, George A.
Willson, Fred D.
Willson, L. E.
Wilson, Paul S.
Wood, R. E.
Wood, W. M.
Woods, J. T.
Wynne, J.